Doctor appointments

Show us those chompers!

Today you had your routine dentist appointment over at Bloomington Pediatric Dentistry with Dr. Taylor. You got an excellent report and acted like such a big girl…marched right on back to the room and willingly showed Dr. Taylor your teeth (I think the goodie bag that was promised to you had something to do with it!). All teeth looked great with the exception of an overbite and your talon cusp on one of your lateral incisors, which we already knew about. We also found out that you are cutting your last four molars. You have always cut a mouthful of teeth at a time. That would explain the restless sleeping and not so pleasant mood lately. Hopefully they will come in faster than your canines did, which took months! Mommy is just so proud of how well you did today!

Here are a few other pictures of the exam room. The murals in this office are just so cool!


Uncle John will be happy to hear that as soon as you saw the camel painted on the wall you made your spitting camel impression that he thought you.

4-Month Checkup

Yesterday was your 4-month checkup.  Our appointment with Dr. Moore was at 9:45 AM.  I think at this time Mommy gets more stressed out about these appointments than you do.  I just hate to see you cry when you get poked for your shots.  Unfortunately, Daddy wasn’t able to come with us to this visit since it is summertime, which means Daddy is busy, busy with summer orientation stuff at work.  Good thing Grandma Raney came for a visit this weekend to help Mommy with some things around the house, so she very willingly came with us to the pediatrician’s office.  When we got there, they put us in what they call the Purdue room (Dr. Moore went to Purdue for his undergrad and is a huge fan!).  The nurse laughed when she started taking your history because apparently at your last visit Mommy had mentioned that she too was a Purdue grad.  The nurse let Mommy read what Dr. Moore put in your chart.  It said Mom is a Purdue grad, and Dad is an IU grad, but we’ll forgive him!  Mommy of course that was just too funny!

Then for Mommy’s favorite part of the appointment, we took your measurements.  After I stripped you down to your diaper, you weighed a whopping 14 pounds and 5 ounces, so you’ve gained just a little over 2 pounds in 2 months, which put you in the 50th percentile for weight.  Your length was 26-1/4 inches long, which still landed you well above average for height in the 95th percentile.  Lastly, your head circumference was 41 cm, which you were also in the 50th percentile for that as well.  Dr. Moore assured Mommy that you were just right in weight for your age, since Mommy was starting to worry that you might be a little on the skinny side.  He just said that you were long and lean and not to worry.  Every time we go Mommy also has to fill out a short questionnaire about things that you’re doing developmentally, like can you roll over, play with your hands, make loud noises, etc.  According to that, you are above average developmentally for your age.  In fact, you are doing things that a 6-1/2 month old should be doing, and you’re only 4-1/2 months old!  Daddy likes to call you our over achiever!  Dr. Moore was just so shocked that you were trying to roll over when he was examining you.  He cautioned Mommy and said, “Watch out!  This little girl is going to be rolling over soon!”  Mommy kinda laughed and told him you had been doing that since the beginning of May.  He seemed pretty surprised and said that very rarely he sees a 4-month-old rolling over let along one that is only 3 months.  After the exam comes the part where the nurse brings back your shots.  You received 2 pokes and 1 vaccine that was oral.  You didn’t care for any of them but overall handled them pretty good.  You just cried for a few minutes with the pokes and then just wanted to take a nap.  After we checked out of the doctor’s office, Mommy was thinking and brought the Baby Tylenol with us and gave you some when we got to the car.  As you can see, we kinda made a mess with it.


All you wanted to do after that was sleep, so Mommy and Grandma took advantage and did a little shopping.  Later in the day after Grandma had left to go home, you woke up and wanted to play despite having a low-grade fever for the rest of the day and until about noon today.  Mommy took this picture of you when we were playing on the couch.  You can be such a ham!


By popular demand, here is a video of you rolling over for all to see!