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Memorial Day Weekend – 2011

Well, I have to say that we had a really busy but great weekend! On Saturday, your Cousin Meagan graduated from high school, so we made the trip back to Carroll County to go to her graduation reception. Once again, you handled the 2-1/2 hour car ride like a little trooper, sleeping all the way there. When we got there, you were a little fussy once out of Mommy’s arms, but that is pretty typical for you these days. You are becoming such a Mommy’s girl! This was the first time Great Aunt Carol and Great Aunt Linda got to meet you. Great Aunt Linda even brought you 3 new books for us to read, which is really neat because I found quite a few books that I have for you that her and Carol gave me when I was little. Great Aunt Carol and Great Grandma Betty made a special trip back to the reception just to see you, since they had went back to Great Grandma Betty’s house thinking we weren’t going to be able to make it. You were quite the center of the party. Everyone wanted to hold you!

After we left there, we went over to Grandma and Grandpa Zook’s house. Aunt Lucy, Uncle Primmer, and Uncle John were there too!! I was so excited that you were in a good mood once you had a little catnap in the car on the ride over there. You showed them how you love playing with the Ipad and laughing at Daddy when he makes faces at you.

Here is a good picture when we were about ready to leave with you and Uncle John.

The next day, Grandma and Grandpa Raney came down to our house for a visit.  We took a drive over to campus to see the mess that last week’s storm brought and boy did it.  They were still cleaning up the mess.  This was the first time Mommy had seen it too, as we hadn’t been out around town since before the storm.  Later that day while Daddy and Grandpa were busy making Mommy a salad table to plant a few vegetables, Grandma and Mommy took you to May’s Nursery so Mommy could buy some flowers to make the porch and deck pretty.  You, as usual, slept the entire time we were out and about.  While they were here, you also showed them how you can really roll over on your tummy now with no trouble at all, but you are still trying to figure out how to roll from your tummy to your back.  You get so frustrated because you can almost do it but not quite.

Storms, Storms Go Away!

Whew! Thank goodness we are all safe and sound today. I think Daddy and I have forgotten how scary Indiana storms can be. See, Mommy and Daddy lived in Michigan for 6 years before you were born. Even though they get storms in Michigan, the threat of tornadoes is pretty much nonexistent, and yesterday was a day of constant thunderstorms here in Indiana statewide with tornado sirens in town going off several times. I was frequently watching the radar while I worked and you slept soundly in your swing unaware anything was going on. Several times red patches of storms would come marching the screen toward Bloomington, but inevitably they would split right before they got to town, with one cell going north and another south with us sandwiched in the middle thankfully. Daddy even came home from work at one point in the afternoon when it looked like it was going to get really bad, but once again that storm divided and really turned out to be not that bad. I was so thankful because we don’t have a very good place where we live to take cover if a tornado is coming.

Later that evening around 9ish here comes another line of storms, but this time it was showing no sign of splitting. Out power went out and didn’t come back until 3 AM. In Bedford, about 20 miles south of here, they had reported a confirmed tornado touchdown and hail the size of tennis balls!! Aunt Malena was still on campus working late and called and said things were a mess on IU’s campus. Trees had blown over, even in some cases uprooted. You didn’t seem too scared during the storm, just a little startled and bright eyed with some of the loud claps of thunder.

Here’s a picture of the “unidentifiable metal object” Aunt Malena saw when she was leaving work.  Dan, Daddy’s coworker, took the picture.

Where’s My Doggie?

This week Daddy and I have noticed that you have started to take a special interest in Neika, but I am not  sure Neika shares that same interest in you!  You spent quite awhile last evening just “talking” to her and watching her every move.  While you were practicing standing on my lap, you tried to completely turn your whole body when she walked across the living room, while using your adorable voice to try to coax her over to say hi.  After I encouraged her over the side of the chair, she finally came, but unfortunately, Neika is still keeping her distance.  I’m not sure if  she’s still intimidated by your small size or if there is still some residual jealousy about your arrival.  Neika thought she was the center of our universe before you came into our lives, so she has had to make some big adjustments.  We have noticed though that she has been sneaking quick little sniffs at the top of your head when you’re sitting in your jumperoo, which you can now touch the floor with both feet and move the seat around all by yourself!!  When Daddy and I were working on doing the dishes Saturday evening, I turned around and saw that you were facing a different way and playing with a different toy all by yourself.  That was when we noticed Neika sniffing the top of your little head.  It was so cute!  I wished I would have had the camera, but my hands were all wet and soapy from the dishwater. You seem to know when I can’t get to the camera because that is when you tend to show off!

You are also baby talking a lot more these days.  Daddy and I tried to sit down and watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 last evening, and the funniest part of the entire movie was having to rewind it several times because we couldn’t hear what was going on over your not so little babbles.  You’re voice has gotten a lot louder, and you have just recently started giggling too!!  Apparently you just find Daddy funnier than me because you do that belly giggle, which is so darn cute!!

Our First Family Adventure

First of all, I want to say how very proud we were of you this past weekend. We had some friends that were getting married and decided to make the trek back up to Whitehall, Michigan to attend the wedding. Aunt Malena had graciously volunteered to babysit Neika and Zoey, which was very nice of her. I was just so worried how you would handle the drive up there. It was supposed to be about 6-1/2 hours according to Google Maps, but we had to make some extra stops so you could eat and to change your diaper. The trip ended up taking us right at 8 hours. I have to say, you handled the car ride remarkably well. You never got fussy until we were about 1-1/2 hours away. For that last part of the trip you were entertained by the awesome Ipad. What would we do without Pocket Pond? I have to say this is a great app. It pretty much is just like watching a koi pond. There are many different brightly colored fish with lily pads and bugs flying over, but when you touch the screen, it makes noises like you are splashing in the pond. For the last month or so, this has been one of your favorite toys.

Anyway, we left our house around 11 AM Friday morning after a rocky start with last minute packing and got to the hotel around 7 PM. I knew we weren’t staying in a 5-star hotel by the price that the hotel gave us, but at least it was clean. The funny part was that our room had what we all called a “pick-a-boo” shower and whirlpool. I had never seen anything like it before. You could take a bath or shower and watch TV all at the same time through a large octagon opening between the bedroom and bathroom. This came in handy while showering. I could just leave you in her pack and play and still keep an eye on you.

The wedding was Saturday at 2 PM. The bride is a veterinarian that I worked with in Michigan and her maid of honor was the practice manager at the same clinic. It was great getting to see them again. This was the first time they had met you in person. Of course, they have seen lots of pictures though. When we finally arrived at the wedding site (It was at a golf course and outside), I was so worried about you getting too cold. Good thing Daddy was thinking when we packed the car and packed the stroller too!! That way we could have you completely covered. The weather was in the 50s and was threatening to rain. It was right off Lake Michigan, which made the air feel even cooler. The ceremony was very interesting. It was officiated by a minister in the Mexican Indigenous Church. Thank goodness you slept through the entire ceremony, waking up only once with applause. You even slept through the drums! We unfortunately couldn’t stay at the reception long. I was just too worried about the temperature. We went back to the hotel and hung out there for the rest of the evening. We were back on the road again Sunday morning after a great breakfast at Perkin’s. We were back home again around 6 PM. The trip home seemed much faster than the trip up there. It was so awesome to see friends again, and we want to wish Paula and Chuck all the best!!