Monthly Archives: July 2011

Fourth of July

Mommy and Daddy were very much looking forward to this weekend. This year July 4th fell on a Monday, which was nice so that it gave us a 3-day weekend. We kind of just hung out here at home on Saturday and Sunday. Since Neika is so scared of fireworks, it makes it very difficult for us to be away from home after dark with everyone in town setting off their own fire crackers. Here is a video of you and Daddy playing with Neika. You just love to hear her “talk” to you!

On Monday after we slept in, which Mommy very much enjoyed, we decided to make a trip up to the Indianapolis Zoo. In April, we took you for your first zoo trip. You kind of took notice to the saltwater fish and the penguins on that visit and slept the rest of the time we were there, but on this trip you had a much better time. Your favorite exhibits were still in the Oceans building. You loved the tropical fish and the big dog shark petting pool.

Here is a picture of you and Daddy watching the sharks as they swim by.

This is another picture of you and Mommy admiring all the pretty fish. You could have stood there all day just watching them swim by!

We had a great time at the zoo! We will have to remember that July 4th is a wonderful day to visit the zoo. Since everyone was home getting ready for BBQs and fireworks, the zoo was not busy at all, and we were able to truly enjoy it!