Monthly Archives: June 2013

Show us those chompers!

Today you had your routine dentist appointment over at Bloomington Pediatric Dentistry with Dr. Taylor. You got an excellent report and acted like such a big girl…marched right on back to the room and willingly showed Dr. Taylor your teeth (I think the goodie bag that was promised to you had something to do with it!). All teeth looked great with the exception of an overbite and your talon cusp on one of your lateral incisors, which we already knew about. We also found out that you are cutting your last four molars. You have always cut a mouthful of teeth at a time. That would explain the restless sleeping and not so pleasant mood lately. Hopefully they will come in faster than your canines did, which took months! Mommy is just so proud of how well you did today!

Here are a few other pictures of the exam room. The murals in this office are just so cool!


Uncle John will be happy to hear that as soon as you saw the camel painted on the wall you made your spitting camel impression that he thought you.


This afternoon we spent some time cleaning out cars. You definitely found more fun in it than we did. In fact, you made quite the outfit from things you found buried in the backseat…an owl hat (which I made you and worked all last winter to get you to wear and you wouldn’t) and an owl backpack. I guess you had a theme in mind! We had to convince you to model your outfit inside, since it was way too hot outside!





Fun with shapes and scissors

It was such a nice day today that I thought working on an art project outside would be a great idea. We broke out the safety kids scissors, and I let you practice cutting paper for the first time. You gave it a great try, and surprisingly you knew how to hold the scissors correctly. Sometimes it’s just amazing to me how much you learn by just watching! I cut some shapes while you were working with the scissors so we could glue them on construction paper. I think your finished project was spectacular!




Choo Choo!!

Today we decided to go out and check out a new store that we discovered a week or so ago when we were picking up a part for Mommy’s sweeper that was broken called Learning Treasures. Boy were you overwhelmed when we walked in…so much to look at and play with! The shop was full of all kinds of learning toys, books, and art supplies. We finally settled in on a toy train set, which was made of wood. We have a couple small Ikea tables at home already that I knew would make a perfect train table, so all we needed was the set itself. While we were there you definitely took it upon yourself to try out some building bricks and a puppet stage. I have a feeling this might be your new favorite shopping location!





Hey Buster!!

Lately you’ve taken it upon yourself to feed the squirrels everyday. We seem to have 2 that frequent the corn stash you put on the deck for them. We call them Buster (which also happens to be the name of the dog in your favorite movie…Toy Story). They have become quite fun to watch and aren’t scared anymore at all by you watching them through the window or even Zoey chattering at them while they sit and eat their breakfast. We’ve also managed to attract a raccoon at night if Buster leaves any leftovers…which also doesn’t seem too discouraged with us watching him eat his late night snack. He’s not at all thin, so my guess is we’re not the only house in the neighborhood where he grabs a few meals. He has taken on the very appropriate name of Spooky. We’re becoming quite the critter watching family for sure!