Monthly Archives: July 2013

“All aboard!” “Da, where are you?!”

Just had to post this super cute vine I made of you today saying “All aboard!” and “Da, where are you?!” We are so excited that you’re finally starting to put words together![\embed]

Monroe County Fair and Super Why!

Tonight was kids night at the Monroe County Fair and Super Why was making an appearance for the special night! We were so excited to take you to see them. WTIU Kids was sponsoring the event, and they had several educational booths and shows going on. Your favorite (other than Super Why of course) was the bouncy house. We had a really hard time getting you out of there! You made a cow mask and even got to play in front of a green screen.




Of course, who can go to a county fair and not look at all the 4-H animals?! We quickly learned that your favorite building was the horse barn. We went through that one twice! Their size did not seem to scare you at all, but you were a bit weirded out in the poultry barn.
You seemed to have had a great time tonight, and when we got in the car and asked you if you had a great time you said, “Yeah!” In fact, I think you had such a great time you completely wore yourself out and was asleep by the time we got home.

Big kids park

We decided to kick off our July 4th weekend with a trip to Cascades Park after Daddy got home from work. This was our first time at this park. They have a couple of slides for the little kids, but you decided that those slides just weren’t big enough. You were all about the huge play area with lots of twisty slides and things to climb on. There was even a little play piano built into one of the levels that you thought was so cool! You didn’t care that most of the kids were bigger than you…you just fit right in![\embed]