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Christmas at the Zoo 2013

We got a new membership to the Indianapolis Zoo for Christmas from Aunt Lucy, Aunt Malena, Uncle John, and Uncle Primmer, and what better way to start using it than attending Christmas at the Zoo?! It was unseasonably warm, which made the experience even better, and the lights were absolutely beautiful! There were even a couple of reindeer who flew in for the event. Unfortunately, you deleted the pictures of them off my phone before I got a chance to upload them. Hopefully next year we’ll get some good photos of them.
Of course, we had to make sure we rode the ever popular train around the zoo grounds. The line was the longest we’ve ever seen it, but it was one swift ride around. We were going so fast pictures were hard to take of all the lights.








We also discovered that you are a huge fan of hot chocolate, which you call hot cho cho! You loved it! Unfortunately, we couldn’t get you to pose with any of the light statues, but you were determined to get some photos with the stone statue outside the entrance. What a silly girl you are!20140113-160423.jpg