This week Daddy and I have noticed that you have started to take a special interest in Neika, but I am not  sure Neika shares that same interest in you!  You spent quite awhile last evening just “talking” to her and watching her every move.  While you were practicing standing on my lap, you tried to completely turn your whole body when she walked across the living room, while using your adorable voice to try to coax her over to say hi.  After I encouraged her over the side of the chair, she finally came, but unfortunately, Neika is still keeping her distance.  I’m not sure if  she’s still intimidated by your small size or if there is still some residual jealousy about your arrival.  Neika thought she was the center of our universe before you came into our lives, so she has had to make some big adjustments.  We have noticed though that she has been sneaking quick little sniffs at the top of your head when you’re sitting in your jumperoo, which you can now touch the floor with both feet and move the seat around all by yourself!!  When Daddy and I were working on doing the dishes Saturday evening, I turned around and saw that you were facing a different way and playing with a different toy all by yourself.  That was when we noticed Neika sniffing the top of your little head.  It was so cute!  I wished I would have had the camera, but my hands were all wet and soapy from the dishwater. You seem to know when I can’t get to the camera because that is when you tend to show off!

You are also baby talking a lot more these days.  Daddy and I tried to sit down and watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 last evening, and the funniest part of the entire movie was having to rewind it several times because we couldn’t hear what was going on over your not so little babbles.  You’re voice has gotten a lot louder, and you have just recently started giggling too!!  Apparently you just find Daddy funnier than me because you do that belly giggle, which is so darn cute!!

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Last Modified: May 26, 2011

2 comments on “Where’s My Doggie?

  1. Jaime

    I love this!! Give both Hannah and Neika a squeeze for me:)

  2. Aunt Leanne

    Omg….i cant believe how much she has changed and grown since i last saw her!!! I miss her so much. Gonna come visit soon!!! Miss all of you!! <3

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