I can’t believe we’re halfway to your first birthday already. I think I say this all the time, but where has the time gone? It feels like we were just bringing you home from the hospital. You have finally figured out that peek-a-boo is funny. Daddy and I have been trying to play this game with you for awhile now, but you just didn’t get it. Now all of a sudden you think it’s hysterical! I keep thinking that you’re going to take off and start crawling any day now, but you just can’t quite get the coordination with your arms and legs to make it happen. You manage to get up on all fours and just rock back and forth until you work up enough momentum to lunge yourself forward to get to things that you want, so I guess you could say you have your own way of getting around. It’s not really scooting and definitely not crawling, but nonetheless you get the job done. I’m just scared that you’re going to hurt yourself doing this, but so far so good. You do seem to have a head of steel. You’ve headbutted Mommy a few times that have really hurt, and you just find it funny. Another milestone that you’ve reached is you can now sit up all by yourself. You look like such a big girl when you do this!

This past week has been a big one for you. Mommy and Daddy went out and bought you a high chair, and you got to experience baby food for the first time. Your first meal was rice cereal, which you did unbelievably well with. I was expecting a complete mess, but you ate it like a big girl. By the end of the meal, you were opening your little mouth when the spoon came toward you wanting more!


Here is our a picture of you with your first experience with sweet potatoes.  Despite the mess, you did really well!


Here’s a video of you and Daddy playing one evening after he got home from work.  I just can’t get enough of that laugh!


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Last Modified: April 17, 2014