Lately you’ve taken it upon yourself to feed the squirrels everyday. We seem to have 2 that frequent the corn stash you put on the deck for them. We call them Buster (which also happens to be the name of the dog in your favorite movie…Toy Story). They have become quite fun to watch and aren’t scared anymore at all by you watching them through the window or even Zoey chattering at them while they sit and eat their breakfast. We’ve also managed to attract a raccoon at night if Buster leaves any leftovers…which also doesn’t seem too discouraged with us watching him eat his late night snack. He’s not at all thin, so my guess is we’re not the only house in the neighborhood where he grabs a few meals. He has taken on the very appropriate name of Spooky. We’re becoming quite the critter watching family for sure!





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Last Modified: April 17, 2014