Whew! Thank goodness we are all safe and sound today. I think Daddy and I have forgotten how scary Indiana storms can be. See, Mommy and Daddy lived in Michigan for 6 years before you were born. Even though they get storms in Michigan, the threat of tornadoes is pretty much nonexistent, and yesterday was a day of constant thunderstorms here in Indiana statewide with tornado sirens in town going off several times. I was frequently watching the radar while I worked and you slept soundly in your swing unaware anything was going on. Several times red patches of storms would come marching the screen toward Bloomington, but inevitably they would split right before they got to town, with one cell going north and another south with us sandwiched in the middle thankfully. Daddy even came home from work at one point in the afternoon when it looked like it was going to get really bad, but once again that storm divided and really turned out to be not that bad. I was so thankful because we don’t have a very good place where we live to take cover if a tornado is coming.

Later that evening around 9ish here comes another line of storms, but this time it was showing no sign of splitting. Out power went out and didn’t come back until 3 AM. In Bedford, about 20 miles south of here, they had reported a confirmed tornado touchdown and hail the size of tennis balls!! Aunt Malena was still on campus working late and called and said things were a mess on IU’s campus. Trees had blown over, even in some cases uprooted. You didn’t seem too scared during the storm, just a little startled and bright eyed with some of the loud claps of thunder.

Here’s a picture of the “unidentifiable metal object” Aunt Malena saw when she was leaving work.  Dan, Daddy’s coworker, took the picture.

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