When you were born, everyone told us how quickly time would go by and boy has it.  It seems like just yesterday that you were born, and now we’re at the 4-month mark.  You’ve completely lost your newborn look now and look like such a big girl!  In the last week, you have discovered that your feet are fun things to play with and suck on.  That along with your ability to roll over is making changing diapers very interesting, especially in the middle of the night.  You have mastered the ability to roll from your back to your tummy but still get frustrated trying to get from your tummy back onto your back.  Here’s you during tummy time.

You’re definitely not a pacifier kid, but you sure do love your fingers.  You don’t really have a preference on which hand, but you always suck on your first two fingers.  It’s so cute when you fall asleep like that!!!  This last week you’ve really started to reach out and grab toys and hold on to them too, so toys are a much needed item in the diaper bag when we go out and about to keep you entertained.  You’ve also developed a particular interest in when it’s Mommy and Daddy’s dinnertime.  You love to watch us eat and seem very interested in our food.  Just the other night I was drinking a glass of milk and out of nowhere you reached out and just about knocked it out of my hand trying to grab onto the cup.  Good thing Mommy has quick reflexes even though she is sleep deprived and caught it before it became a huge mess!!

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Last Modified: June 16, 2011

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