So Mommy has to admit that things have been totally crazy around our house lately. So crazy that Mommy thought Father’s Day was last Sunday. I suppose you could look at that as either a positive or a negative. Positive in that you and I went shopping for Daddy over a week ago, so the gift was already thought of and bought. Negative in that Mommy totally had the wrong day. Poor Daddy! I think Mommy just lost track of time since both Daddy and Mommy have been working crazy hours. For Daddy’s first Father’s Day we bought him two picture frames to put your adorable pictures in for his office since he doesn’t have any pictures of you on his desk. We were so nice that we let him sleep in Sunday morning and made him breakfast in bed with scrambled eggs and cheese with a side of toast and a big glass of milk. He really liked the breakfast and the gift, but I think most of all he enjoyed the sleeping in part of the day. We just enjoyed relaxing together as a family for the day.  Here’s a picture of you and Daddy asleep on the couch.

The night before we went to Taste of Bloomington, which was a lot of fun for Mommy and Daddy. This is a festival where a lot of the different restaurants in town come and sell small portions of their food, which is really cool because you can get lots of different things. Mommy and Daddy’s favorite thing was the red velvet cake pops dipped in white chocolate and coarse sugar. They were delicious. We even back for seconds before we left for the evening.

You pretty much slept the entire time we were there, which totally amazed me because they had live bands there that were really loud, and there was a ton of people around. You didn’t care at all. You are such a good baby!

Here’s a picture of you and Mommy when we were leaving the Taste of Bloomington.

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Last Modified: June 24, 2011

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